3 Ways Businesses Can Make the Most of Android Pay

Rollout of Android Pay was announced on September 10, with Android stating in a blog post that the availability process would continue in the days that followed. Android’s wallet, which we first heard about at Google I/O back on May 28, joins Apple Pay in the tap-to-pay market, giving retailers another big opportunity to accept mobile payments.

The future looks bright for mobile payments: In the first three days post-Apple Pay announcement, one million cards were synced to the platform.

If you’re wondering how your business can make the most of Android Pay, we’re here to help. We’ve already detailed what Android Pay is about, questions to ask yourself if you’re on the fence about accepting it and a step-by-step guide for making mobile payments an integral part of your business strategy.

Today, we’re talking about capitalizing on Android Pay once it’s up and running. Here are three ways you can maximize some of the top advantages this payment method offers.

1. Make Sure Customers Know They Can Use It

Android Pay is available as an update to users currently paying with Wallet, and as a Google Play download option for those new to Google’s payment offerings a few days from the initial rollout. Still, while Android Pay has certainly been making headlines lately, that doesn’t mean Android users will know they can use it to purchase items at your store. Proactively advertising the payment option will help you seem tech savvy and reap the rewards of Android Pay acceptance in the future (more on those later).

Make sure you clearly display your store’s acceptance of Android Pay so shoppers see it both when they enter and when it’s time to pay. You’ll also want to ensure all sales associates can answer any questions shoppers might have about this new payment method.

2. Get Ready to Utilize Its Loyalty and Offers Capabilities Soon

We’ve talked about the benefits and capabilities of loyalty programs before, and Android Pay will make rewarding shoppers easy. While the integration of offers and loyalty program cards isn’t part of the initial rollout, Google says these features are coming soon. When that happens, keeping all points and deals in one place will be a breeze, eliminating the need for shoppers to keep track of multiple rewards cards.

3. Keep Up with (or Outshine) Your Tech-Savvy Competitors

One of Android Pay’s many features is an open API, meaning it can be integrated into any developer-built applications. Coming soon is the ability to make Android Pay an integral part of in-App mobile checkout. Retailers that want to stay competitive should take advantage of this by building their store’s own branded app, making everything from product discovery to checkout a seamless process.

Currently, shoppers can use this payment method in over 1 million locations, with more coming soon. Staying competitive and making the most of it may require some legwork, but the payoff to your business will likely be significant.

How is your business making the most of Android Pay? Leave us a comment and let us know!