Accept NFC Payments

Accept NFC Payments

NFC paymentsNear field communication allows mobiles devices to exchange data by touching or being in close proximity. Between Apple Pay and Android Pay, it’s clear that NFC will grow even more popular among consumers and businesses in the near future. 

Genius lets you seamlessly integrate your POS technology with other payment systems, including NFC. We offer a holistic solution that provides:
  •  Payment acceptance with NFC, swipe and QR codes
  •  Cloud-based software updates for new capabilities
  •  Unified security through tokenization and encryption

Download our guide to NFC to learn how to leverage this exciting technology at your business!

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Genius is a groundbreaking solution that supports mobile and traditional payments from a single device, eliminating the complexity of today’s payments. It’s also scalable to any business environment and can adapt to new payment options.