Attracting New Customers for the Holidays with Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that holiday shopping delivers a surge in sales for many retailers. What’s less obvious is how to capitalize. Rather than simply hoping that holiday shoppers find you, the most successful retailers actively position themselves and their products to benefit as much as possible from the seasonal demand---and bring holiday buyers back.

This infographic explores how small and medium-sized businesses can use mobile marketing to compete with their big-name rivals.

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Attracting New Customers For The Holidays With Mobile Marketing 

Retailers see a significant surge in sales every holiday season, but here is how mobile marketing can take profits from so-so to spectacular.

Mobile Opportunities

Retailers earn 40 percent of their annual sales during the holiday season, according to a recent poll by Comscore. Over $52 billion is spent each year on holiday gifts and decorations. Where consumers spend their holiday cash depends on a variety of factors, but one of the easiest ways to lure them in is with mobile coupons. 

In order for a mobile coupon to be successful, it should offer a discount on items that are popular. Comscore revealed that 51 percent of online shoppers purchased clothes and electronics during the holiday season. Over 32 percent purchased toys. Gift cards were another popular item for consumers, garnering 23 percent of online purchases. Another 21 percent of shoppers purchased home decor, including such items as Christmas trees and holiday decorations.

If a retailer stops to consider the number of competitors they have in these four categories, it’s easy to see how the use of mobile opportunities could affect their bottom line. Consumers will most likely patronize a retailer that's close in proximity, unless a better deal is available somewhere else. 

Mobile coupons have been around for many years, and their growing popularity is surely tied to the rising use of smartphones. Comscore reports that 55 percent of consumers have an interest in receiving savings in the form of a mobile opportunity. Only 10 percent of the consumers polled say they have received such an offer.

Another popular mobile opportunity is the daily deal. Over half of the businesses polled by Comscore say daily deals are profitable for their business. Professional photographers appeared to have the most success with daily deals. They boasted a 75 percent increase in profits with this promotion. Health and fitness companies came in second with a 69 percent increase in profits. Retailers saw a 50 percent increase, and restaurants received a 44 percent increase in profits. 

Those who were consistently successful with daily deals said that repeat offerings outperformed one-time daily deals. Business owners should not get discouraged if they don’t have success with their first daily deal. Comscore explained that only half of businesses see an increase in profits stemming from their initial deal. 

It is often stated that success is a numbers game, and businesses reported this is true in the case of daily deals. Businesses that ran seven or more daily deals reported a 75 percent success rate. The average small business, with less than $400,000 in annual revenue, reported a 41 percent increase in sales overall from the use of daily deals.

Loyalty Programs

Acquiring new customers is essential to any business, but retaining loyal customers is just as important. Loyalty program members receive special offers, exclusive coupons or points toward discounts on future purchases. Comscore noted that 84 percent of loyalty program members say they are more likely to shop where they are members of a loyalty club.


Mobile marketing is smart marketing. Increase your annual sales with one or all of these marketing strategies this holiday season. Using loyalty programs and mobile opportunities are the easiest ways to turn holiday shoppers into lifetime customers.