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Our company started in 1998, when CEO and Co-Founder, Henry Helgeson, saw an opportunity to simplify the complex process of accepting credit card payments. We streamlined the equipment buying process while also making credit card acceptance affordable for small businesses. We were the first company of our kind, and our name at the time, Merchant Warehouse, was closely aligned with our mission of providing affordable credit card processing services for businesses of all types and sizes.

Over time, we have continually evolved to align with the shifting needs of our customers, our partners and the dynamic payments landscape. We have added new products and technology that couldn't have been dreamed about in 1998. In fact, we were the first to build our own mobile application to accept credit cards and the first to certify what would eventually become point-to-point encrypted card readers.

We were also the first to give businesses an easy way to adopt new and emerging payment types with Cayan Genius®, the first Customer Engagement Platform® to embrace the possibilities for payments today and in the future. Genius is designed to evolve and scale for growth, enabling businesses to add new payment, gift card programs and loyalty solutions at any time.

When we changed our name to Cayan, it was with the goal of capturing the boldness, energy and excitement at our company and the bright future of the payments industry. Cayan harkens to our original company mission of helping businesses be more successful while also embracing the power of technology to supercharge customer engagement.