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Account Manager - Agent Channel

Job Description

The Account Manager – Agent Channel will act as a point person for Agents and will manage Agents through the entire sales process. They will assist Agents in solving problems related to signing new merchants, actively reaching out to both new and existing agents to help promote our services through communicating lucrative promotional offers as well as the new opportunities created by exciting new Value Added Products and Services, as well as managing the existing Agent Sales Phone and Email Queues.

In addition, the Account Manager will help guide new agents through the NEW Agent Certification Process of becoming an agent with us, enabling our internal sales support team to assist with more qualified agents who are better prepared to be successful with Cayan. We are continuing to add to our suite of Value Added Products and Services, which the Account Manager will help work through with both the agent as well as the Value Added Vendor themselves, giving the account manager the opportunity to build relationships and add to their skill set through interactions with outside relationships. The Agent Channel has recently made some significant changes that will lead to significant and immediate growth, allowing for more opportunity as the Channel grows though out the year.

Position Description:

  • Works directly with the agent to help sign new merchants and help prepare new merchant applications
  • Manage incoming Agent Support email and phone queues
  • Works with the agent to help correct pended merchant applications
  • Assistance with boarding Value Added Products and Services
  • Contribute content for agent trainings
  • Outbound dial on various campaigns to help drive new business

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills; ability to communicate effectively with merchants, team members, etc.
  • Sales experience
  • Exemplary professional demeanor, resourcefulness, flexibility, and self-motivation
  • High level of personal and professional integrity
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously
  • Strong time management and organizational skills with great attention to detail
  • Proficiency with Salesforce and Netsuite

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