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Cayan to Debut Industry-Changing Solutions at RetailNOW 2016

Cayan to Debut Industry-Changing Solutions at RetailNOW 2016

Cayan Unveils Unified Commerce Suite, Genius® Handheld and Unrivaled EMV® Speed Times​

BOSTON, MA -- As retailers struggle to meet consumers' high expectations for seamless shopping experiences,Cayan, a leading payment technologies company, will showcase several industry-changing solutions at RetailNOW 2016. At booth #407, Cayan will preview its in-aisle payment solution Genius Handheld, as well as the Cayan Unified Commerce Solution Suite. Cayan's industry-leadingEMV transaction speeds will also be on display.

Cayan's latest innovative products come at a point in time when retailers are struggling to integrate the latest payments technologies while also satisfying today's connected consumers. In the coming weeks, Cayan will release these new products to help retailers' process payments online, via mobile apps, at the counter, in aisle, in the field and tableside at restaurants -- ushering in a new era of unified commerce.

"There's a dangerous dichotomy at work in the retail world. Today's connected consumer demands a seamless shopping experience, but retailers are challenged by aligning constantly evolving payments technologies and systems across all channels," said Henry Helgeson, CEO of Cayan. "Solving these challenges is Cayan's core mission."

Seamlessly Connecting Payments Both In-Store and Online
Cayan has developed a single solution that effectively and seamlessly engages shoppers across channels, delivering improved margins, brand value and revenue. Cayan Unified Solutions Suite will connect retailers' POS, mobile and e-commerce payment capabilities enabling seamless transactions throughout the consumer's shopping journey, whether in-store or online. Additionally, merchants will be able to track purchases to build customer profiles, allowing for more precise targeting and relevant offerings.

Cayan's Unified Commerce Solutions Suite helps streamline all the ways that consumers shop, including:

  • Buy online, pick up in store
  • Auto-reorder and ongoing subscriptions
  • Easy exchanges and refunds
  • Buying and returning in any channel or location 
  • Targeted and personalized marketing campaigns

Unified Commerce in Action
At its booth, Cayan will have a highly interactive experience showing how Cayan checkout is integrated with Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom -- illustrating exactly how unified commerce works, live. Attendees with mobile devices can use the live web-store to go through the process of buying and returning products. The web-store will exactly mirror an in-store scenario. Lightspeed is a powerful POS system for retailers and restaurateurs, giving merchants access to a one-stop-shop for all their retail management needs, in-store and online.

A Customer-Friendly Approach to Payments
Cayan's newest game-changing offering, Genius Handheld, allows store associates and restaurant servers to bring the transaction straight to the customer -- wherever they are. For consumers, this means less time waiting in lines and a faster, more personalized shopping experience. Genius Handheld gives store associates the flexibility to engage customers on the shop floor or in-aisle, increasing the likelihood of closing the sale. Genius Handheld also gives retailers an easy way to reduce queuing times through line-busting, as well as an opportunity to save the sale in an out-of-stock situation. In a restaurant setting, Genius Handheld provides a pay-at-the-table solution for a more efficient and secure experience for customers. Other Genius Handheld benefits will include:

  • Full- color touch screen display
  • Accepts chip cards (EMV), Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and gift cards
  • Easy integration via the Genius API
  • Digital signature capture, pin steering and line item display

A Better Experience: EMV Doesn't Have to Be Slow
While Cayan has been working to improve both the retail and consumer experience on several different levels, EMV has further complicated the retail landscape, making the check-out experience slower for consumers. In addition to creating Genius Handheld, Cayan's developers have been preparing for EMV for a long time and the Genius platform offers speeds of only 3.6 seconds per EMV transaction.

Because connected consumers are now dictating and controlling the terms of engagement with retailers -- demanding a fluid experience across both in-store and online channels -- that puts greater pressure on margins and revenues, and requires greater efficiency and adaptability. According to industry analyst firm IDC, consumers who shop across channels have a 30 percent higher lifetime value than those who shop through only one. Cayan is working fast to help retailers meet these pressures head on, with new technologies that will make the retail experience more fluid, fast and secure.

About Cayan
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