Belfast Meetups Spring 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for our Belfast office hosting not one but two meetups.
Recognizing that today’s students will form the workforce of tomorrow, we kicked off by throwing open our doors to welcome the NIGMA Student Developer group.  With an amazing turnout, the evening started with everyone getting to know each other over a beer and a game of pool.  


The first speaker of the evening was Paddy Carey of Shopkeep and Co-Organizer of PyBelfast, who delivered a talk on “Charming Python.”  We only just managed to avoid the “Brace yourself, Python 3 is coming” memes, but the informative talk covered key features of the language along with some of the programming best practices that are expected throughout any development organization.
Next up came “Gettin’ real with Node” by Alan Bradley of WhiteHat Security and Co-Organizer of Node School Belfast, where the audience were introduced to Node.js and asynchronous programming practices, which was a new concept to some.

After that success we then hosted Women Who Code Belfast.  The topic was one close to the heart of Cayan Belfast, Lean Development!  Here attendees were given an overview of the lean software development practices we follow every day.  Gillian Colan-O’Leary from Women Who Code, lead the event with a quick introduction.  Cayan Product Architect, Katrina Barr, led the discussion on Lean Development and how valuable it is to Cayan.  Several of our own female developers joined the attendees and in groups took part in Cayan’s very own gamification of lean to design their own supercars.   The night was a huge success with everyone present gaining an understanding of how important it is to control the flow of work and what can happen if you don’t...