Cayan and the Holiday Freeze

Most (if not all) payment processors implement some kind of "lock down" as they enter the holiday season. This lock down does not usually come off until the start of the New Year. Lock downs can entail anything from a processor not onboarding any new integrators, all the way to a full feature & release freeze (and oftentimes, both).

Here is an example from one processor…. “During these months, xxxxxx closely reviews payment processing activity and designates specific days within that period during which no product or process will be altered”.

Cayan does not have any release freezes or production lock downs as we approach the holidays, or at any time of the year for that matter. We’re fully staffed through the Christmas holidays, and our rigorous automated testing approach ensures that we won’t cause regressions in production. We’re happy to onboard new partners – or start new certifications with existing partners - and shepherd them through the certification process regardless of the time of year.

Lock downs and release freezes are an anti-pattern. Our commitment to a DevOps Culture and Continuous Delivery means that we’re releasing multiple times per day, every day - safely and efficiently. It may sound counter-intuitive, but if it hurts, we want to do it more often. This idea of doing painful things more frequently crops up a lot in agile thinking. Testing, refactoring, database migration, conversations with customers, planning, releasing - all sorts of activities are done more frequently.

By releasing often, we’ve been forced to reduce & remove most of the transactional costs incurred during development, testing, and production releases. This has driven us to implement automation everywhere – from provisioning our servers using automated scripts, to building a comprehensive suite of automated regression tests, implementing real-time application monitoring and synthetic monitoring, to running automated performance and penetration tests as part of each release.

Baking all of these measures into our SDLC has the effect of driving up quality, reducing costs, and increasing business value. By reducing cycle times, we learn faster. We find bugs faster. And we maximize the value we bring to our customers.

Here is a quick post that explains how simple it is for ISVs to certify to Cayan….Introducing Cayan's Test Processor