Cayan Hackathon 2.0

This February, Cayan hosted its second annual Hackathon. Hackathons are one of the great ways Cayan offers our talented, innovative developers the opportunity help shape the future of our industry. With initiatives like our Hackathon, Cayan is creating the future in the payments possibilities space. We have our sights set on creating the future in the payments possibility space - seeking out and nurturing the best talent. Our goal is as always - avoiding the beaten path and seeking terrain unexplored.
Our Hackathon is a three-day event where our engineers have free rein to work on anything they think will be useful, fun or cool. The 72-hour extravaganza kicks off with very little fanfare. Heads down - for the next two days, regularly scheduled projects take a back seat while engineers build, code and hack away on something that fascinates them - whether it be an issue they want to solve, a process they’d love to streamline or improve, or something completely fantastical they want to build. They’re encouraged to play around with Cayan’s rich wealth of data and they have a chance to work with other engineers outside of their specific team.
At the end of the third day, engineers showcase their projects to the rest of the company. The hacks are put up to a vote, with the top teams getting bragging rights until the next Hackathon. Many of this year’s projects are already finding their way onto our roadmap and into production. Some of this year’s highlights included: These Hackathons embody our company culture of creativity and ingenuity. Giving our engineers the freedom to build whatever they want challenges them, both creatively and technically. We believe that being surrounded by unique and innovative ideas helps develop new ones, and pushes us to think outside the box. 
Have you already started daydreaming on a project you'd work on for our next Hackathon? If you think you might be a good fit for the Cayan Engineering team, head on over to to apply for an open position!