Cayan Open Sources Extensions to Log4net

More exciting news from the Cayan engineering team as they open source the Company’s extensions to log4net, called syslog4net. These extensions allow log4net to inter-operate with Syslog servers, in particular, Splunk.

Log4net is the defacto logging standard for the Microsoft .NET runtime. Logging frameworks like log4net enable developers to record events in their application, providing an audit trail that can be used to understand the system’s activity and diagnose problems.

Syslog, on the other hand, is an IETF standard for message logging. Syslog can be used for computer system management and security auditing as well as generalized informational, analysis, and debugging messages. With Syslog, software applications and physical devices like printers and routers can send logging information to a centralized logging server. Because of this, syslog can be used to integrate log data from many different types of systems into a central repository.

Cayan’s syslog4net extension bridges that missing link between log4net and Syslog, allowing your .NET applications to send application-level telemetry into a centrally managed operational intelligence solution, such as Splunk. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity and call records, Splunk helps Cayan turn our machine data into valuable insights. With this data flowing into Splunk, we can troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes, not hours or days. We monitor our end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages. And we gain real-time visibility into customer experience, transactions and behavior. 

And with our syslog4net adapter, you can do all that too.

Since Cayan's inception, we have stood on the shoulders of giants in the open source world. Many of the libraries, tools and platforms we depend on are open. We are proud and excited that we're freely giving back to the communities that collectively have given us so much. It seems only natural that we give you all a chance to contribute back and make the open source ecosystem a better place for everyone.

Cayan’s log4net extensions are located in our syslog4net repository on GitHub. Download our code. Fork our repository. Issue a pull request or file an issue. Have fun, and pay it forward.