Cayan's 3rd Hackathon was a resounding success

Boston developers Brad Adams, Stephen Rowe, and Vir Singh working on their project Last week, Cayan hosted its third hackathon, and we couldn’t be prouder of our engineers and what they’ve accomplished.
Hackathons are one of the great ways Cayan offers our talented, innovative developers the opportunity help shape the future of our industry and our company. For three days, regularly scheduled projects took a back seat while engineers built, coded and hacked away on anything that caught their interest - whether it was an issue they wanted to solve, a process they’d wanted to streamline or improve, or a new product idea that they wanted to build. Our teams were encouraged to play around with Cayan’s rich data warehouse, take risks, and branch out – to work on something outside of their comfort zone and to work with other engineers outside of their specific teams.
This year, our teams worked on 17 (!!) different projects – ranging the gamut from:
  • Four different developer & tester focused productivity tools.
  • Three data mining and machine learning projects – helping Cayan visualize and find new insights in the wealth of consumer data in our database.
    • In one project, a team mashed up a merchant’s transaction data with Google Maps. In their presentation, they showed this 1100+ location Fortune 1000 merchant go from a 4 store pilot to a nation-wide roll-out over the course of a couple of months. It was jaw-dropping to see the heat map turn a darker red as more stores came online and as their transaction volume quadrupled during the holiday season.
  • At least a half dozen ideas that will take our products - and Cayan - in new directions and into new markets, including exciting enhancements to our mobile and e-Commerce products.
Watch this space over the coming weeks for more details on some of our hackathon projects!
The team in Belfast during the hackathon presentations Many of the development and testing enhancements are already finding their way onto our teams’ backlogs, and our product management team is pouring over half a dozen ideas spurred by this year’s hackathon that will take Cayan into new and exciting directions.

With initiatives like our Hackathon, Cayan is creating the future of the payments. Code is our currency, creativity is central to our culture, and our talented and creative developers are the engine that makes it all work.
If you’d like to work at a place that values developer freedom and creativity, check out our Careers Section. We’re always on the lookout for top talent in both our Boston and Belfast offices. If you’re just curious about who we are and what makes us tick, come visit us. Our Boston office is holding an Open House in late April (details coming soon), or check out our Belfast office as we host NIGMA’s meetup next Wednesday. Come see in-person how we’ve transformed our offices and our company into a thriving technology-first company.
Winning team members John Louros, Michael Martin, Shawn Gratton, and Ethan Way showing off their trophy and bragging rights til next year