Huh. I guess that advertising works after all.

I'm generally a pretty skeptical person. I like to think that advertising doesn't work on me. That I'm immune to the Jedi mind tricks that marketers like to pull on people.

We just did a little A/B test on Genius with our splash screens to see if a small advertisement would increase usage of a particular payment type. We didn't change the workflow. All we did was remind folks that they could pay differently. Just by changing the splash screen on those terminals, we were able to effect a 300-500% increase in customers using that payment type within our sample group. If you see the chart below, the difference day over day is stark.

Truth be told - advertising can work. This little anecdote shows that ads work at the point of sale, and that the little bit of screen real estate in the payment terminal sitting on your countertop is a powerful way to drive real results.