Introducing Cayan’s Public Status Page

Cayan's status page

Introducing Cayan's Public Status Page

In the software as a service business, service-impacting incidents happen.  When a service-impacting incident happens, keeping your users informed of real-time status and setting expectations on what to expect next during an incident is a critical action to take in terms of maintaining a user’s trust and confidence in your service delivery.

What is Cayan's Public Status Page?

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every Cayan customer receives an amazing customer support experience. As part of our commitment to keeping our partners and merchants aware of any potential service interruptions, Cayan has launched a public status page, powered by, which is available to all merchants, partners, and employees at  Anyone who subscribes will be notified via email and/or SMS instantly when an incident is posted to the status page.

From this page, you can monitor not only Cayan’s uptime, but the uptime of the various credit, debit, gift, and loyalty payment partners we support, such as First Data, Vantiv, Global Pay, among others.

All this information is also available on Cayan's Support Page, giving our partners and merchants an easy way to tap into Cayan's 24/7/365 customer service and technical support, all provided by our in-house team of experienced professionals.

How Does The Status Page Work?

Cayan’s status page is driven behind the scenes by PagerDuty, a subscription alerting service which boasts the best integration with around today.  PagerDuty also directly integrates with the various monitoring systems we use such as PRTG, Splunk, and Pingdom to name a few. Our articles on Synthetic Monitoring and Application Monitoring using Splunk provide a more in-depth view of Cayan's monitoring platform and approach.

When one of our monitoring systems detects a service impacting incident which requires notification and publishing to the status page, PagerDuty will receive the incident from the monitoring system and automatically update  At that point, users are then updated via sending email and SMS messages to subscribers.
The status page is organized in to three main components: Cayan Services, Cayan Support, and Payment Processor Partners. 
  • Cayan Services refer to the Cayan Gateway itself and its underlying components such as Cayan Transport and Genius Transactions.
  • Cayan Support refers to the availability of the Cayan Customer Portal, Cayan Phone Support, and Cayan E-Mail support channels.
  • Payment Processor Partners refer to the uptime and performance status of the payment processors we have partnered with.

How Can You Subscribe to Receive Notifications?

Subscribing for status updates is easy.  Simply navigate to and press the big “Subscribe to Updates” button in the upper right hand corner of the status page.
Subscribe to updates
Users can customize what components of the Cayan service they’d like to receive notifications for – eliminating irrelevant notifications to a merchant who may not be using a given component of our service.  For example, for a merchant who would like to know only when the payment processor they use is experiencing an incident, the merchant can be notified only on that criteria.