Payments-As-A-Service — The Hackathon Way

The best way to generate a new idea?

Assemble a lot of new ideas, a gaggle of talented developers and challenge them to put their skills to the test to determine how those ideas can be — or if they should be — brought to market.

Easier said than done, of course, but this was the marching orders as Cayan kicked off its third annual hackathon. As Dominic Lachowicz, SVP of engineering at Cayan, told PYMNTS, the best way to make sure that Cayan is always on the cutting edge of new ideas is to take a break from the tedium of digital development tasks and take the team outside their box and into what could be the next big thing in payments innovation.

The team had a high bar to hurdle. The fruits of the 2015 hackathon’s labors included machine-learning algorithms that could detect signature fraud, consolidated APIs for use by independent software vendors and a program to automatically release database fixes for more reliable security and performance.

PYMNTS caught up with Lachowicz to see what happened when 55 engineers across two continents over two days traded in their developer caps and became hackathon masters.

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