Does my POS require supporting Stored Value (Gift) Cards

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Stored Value (Gift) cards are great for attracting consumers and driving incremental bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have increased steadily over recent years, and demand remains incredibly strong.

Many ISV’s have a target audience for which their point of sale system will cater to, and depending on the payment types the merchant wishes to accept, support for Gift transactions may not be an immediate option. Often, merchants who are using an integrated point of sale system will inquire about accepting Gift transactions upon signing with Cayan.

To reduce potential costly development work at a later point, and reduce downtime for merchants, Cayan requires that new or existing ISV’s integrating to our Genius API include support for Gift processing. Gift card functionality will be reviewed during the implementation process and is a requirement aimed at providing a seamless integration for both developers as well as mutual merchants across all forms of the Genius API.

Please reach out to your Sales Engineer or the Certification Engineering team for any questions you may have with regards to your Genius integration.
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