What are the Genius status call possible responses

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Status Check Possible Responses

Code Screen Screen Reference
00 Idle screen 01-Idle.png
01 Validating TransportKey 01-Validating-TransportKey.png
02 Main payment collection  Please-Remove-Card.png EMV-Card-Removed-Too-Early.png EMV-Problem-Reading-Card.png
03 Custom payment collection 03-Custom-Payment-Swipe.png   
04 Looking up card BIN Processing-(1).png
05 Waiting for amount confirmation  
06 Waiting for PIN entry 06-Waiting-for-PIN-Entry.png
07 Processing payment Processing.png EMV-processing-2.gif
08 Waiting for signature
09 Processing signature capture  
10 Transaction result  10-Transaction-Result-Declined.png
11 Cancel confirmation
12 Run as credit confirmation 12-Run-as-Credit-Cofirmation.png
13 SKU display 13-SKU-Display.png
14 Cashback selection screen 14-Cashback-Selection.png
15 Cashback custom screen 15-Cashback-Custom.png
16 Tip selection screen 16-Tip-Selection.png
17 Tip custom screen 17-Tip-Custom.png
18 Donation selection screen 18-Donation-Selection.png
19 Donation custom screen 19-Donation-Custom.png
20 Confirmation screen 20-Confirmation.png
24 Error screen  
26 SKU amount confirmation screen 26-SKU-Confirm-Transaction-Amount.png
27 PAN entry screen 27-PAN-Entry.png
28 Expiration entry screen 28-Expiration-Entry-Screen.png
29 CVV entry screen 29-CVV-Entry.png
30 Zip entry screen 30-Zip-Entry.png
31 Agreement screen 31-Agreement.png
32 Agreement signature screen 32-Agreement-Signature.png
33 EMV application selection screen 33-EMV-Application-Selection.png
35 Get customer input screen 35-Get-Customer-Input.png
36 Gift card capture screen 36-Gift-Card-Capture.png
38 Network details screen 38-Admin-Network-Details.png
39 Network configuration screen 39-admin-network-configuration.png
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