MasterCard 2-Series BIN Range

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MasterCard has announced that they have received an additional range of 2-series (222100-272099) BIN numbers and card issuing banks may be assigned the new BIN ranges starting January 2017. The new BIN series will be processed in the same way as their existing 5-series (510000-559999) BIN ranges.
What is a BIN?
A BIN (bank identification number) is a six digit number that identifies the card issuing institution and is the first part of a credit card number. The remainder of the card number is the account number that is assigned by the card issuing bank.
Does Cayan support the new MasterCard BIN Range?
Yes, Cayan has updated it's solutions and APIs to support the new MasterCard BIN range. All of Cayan's integrated POS partners will automatically get support for the new BIN range without making changes to their POS integration, ultimately, providing support for the new BIN range to their respective merchants.