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There are a number of solutons available to create or obtain test cards. Here are a few of the options available in the event you wish to get started testing.

Create Your Own Cards

Card Writer/Readers are fairly affordable. To create test cards you simply need track data and a Card Writer/Reader with some blanks. 

Track Data

Here is a sample set of track data from a Cayan test VISA card. Feel free to use this to create a test card of your own. 
%B4012000033330026^TEST CARD/GENIUS^181210054321000000000000000 150 A?

Card Writer/Reader & Test Cards

Card Writer/Readers with blank cards are easily obtained. The easiest source to get one of these devices is Amazon.com. Simply search for Card reader writer and you should find a number of devices. They usually come with a very simple software that allows you to edit cards. We've included an example of one of these devices that Cayan has successfully used.

Purchasing EMV Test Cards

The processor First Data has an option available to obtain EMV test cards from them for a modest cost. The following documents have instructions on who to contact to obtain EMV test cards, as well as what kind of cards are available for purchase.