Developing Mobile Advertisements that Work

As increasing numbers of consumers continue to use their smart devices (phones and tablets) to both research products before shopping as well as interact with these devices while shopping. Retailers looking to take advantage of this trend are leveraging new technologies such as location based advertising and beacons to increase their ability to connect with their customers when they are in-store and nearby.

A recent report from Ninth Decimal, examined which information and offers in retail-related mobile ads US mobile device users are most likely to engage with. For retailers considering investing in mobile advertising the report offers a wealth of information on how to develop ads that will mostly likely result in increased engagement and ultimately sales for your business.

Mobile Ad Engagement


Retailers looking for the highest likelihood of engagement, should focus on developing ads that feature discounts or sales. 60% of the US consumers that participated in the survey stated that they would click on a mobile ad that offered them a discount or sale, and considering that 80% of local searches performed on a mobile device result in a purchase connecting with mobile device users should be a priority for all retailers looking to grow their business. Additionally users depend on the internet for product reviews and information, placing those retailers with current and updated websites at a distinct advantage when compared to those retailers that continue to avoid making updates to their websites.