Does Your Business Need a Wireless Credit Card Terminal?

Is your business suffering because you’re unable to accept credit cards while on the road? Or worse, are you losing sales to declined credit cards processed off-location, without the customer or card present? If so, your business may need a wireless credit card terminal.

For mobile businesses such as transportation and towing services, contractors, delivery services, trade show and flea market sellerss, etc.), a wireless credit card terminal enhances business mobility and efficiency, simplifies the billing and payment process, and increases sales and revenue.

Wireless terminals allow mobile merchants to:

  •  Accept payments from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Wireless terminals offer mobile businesses a solution for accepting credit card payments in real time and on-location. With connections to multiple cell phone networks, wireless coverage is provided throughout the country. To enable continued operation in low-coverage areas, wireless terminals have a “Store and Forward” security feature that provides an offline capture of transactions.
  •  Enjoy efficiency and convenience. Wireless terminals deliver a rapid check-out process, with verified transactions received in 2-3 seconds. Wireless terminals are compact, and easy to deploy and use.
  •  Reduce the risk of financial losses. By accepting payments real-time, you can avoid losing sales from declined credit cards processed off-site. By accepting credit cards on-site, you can reduce the risk of carrying large sums of cash or receiving bad checks.
  •  Operate with low processing costs. Wireless processing is an affordable solution for mobile merchants; since swiping a credit card with the customer present involves less risk, processing costs are lower compared to manually key-entering card information at a later time.

Wireless credit card terminals offer mobile merchants a simple and dependable payment solution from a handy device.