EMV 201: How to Prepare Employees and Customers for EMV Whitepaper

EMV (or chip card technology) represents a world of change for consumers and businesses. The payment type is finally the standard for card transactions in the United States, which means everyone has to learn and understand how to use it properly.

The shift to EMV will result in a more secure payments landscape. Around the world, most industrialized countries have already implemented EMV and have reduced fraud as a result. This is because EMV technology ensures that hackers can only access specific transaction data if they were to even breach a network, preventing them from finding broad cardholder information.

Understanding EMV and how to implement it can help your business thrive during the transition. This whitepaper details everything you need to know about EMV, including how to explain it to your employees and customers.

Download our free whitepaper “EMV 201: How to Prepare Employees and Customers for EMV” to learn what EMV is, how to use it and why this change will help everyone in the long run.

EMV 201