Ingenico iCT220 Terminal

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Ingenico iCT220 Terminal

Sophistication in a compact countertop device

Price: $136.00

Accommodate consumers’ payment preferences with this practical, economical solutions. Lightweight, stylish and self-contained, the iCT220 gives consumers the freedom to use all types of electronic card payments without requiring a cash register or POS system interface. All iCT220 functions – from payment processing and receipt printing to settlement reporting and brand enhancement programs – operate flawlessly from a single piece of equipment. This rugged, easy-to-use device also carries advanced security measures.


  • Built on the Telium2 technology platform with a dual processor architecture.
  • Meets the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards.
  • Supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.
  • Offers multiple connectivity options including serial, USB, and Ethernet connections, allowing seamless integration of the PIN Pad into an existing POS system.
  • Comes with payment technologies already embedded with no need to add on component upgrades.
Cayan offers Ingenico iCT220 Credit Card Mobile Terminal
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