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Mobile Chip Card (EMV) Reader

Accept payments anytime, anywhere on almost any mobile device.

This rugged and reliable reader takes both chip card and swiped payments through our iOS and Android apps. The readers are responsive, built for security and work perfectly with your mobile devices.

Implementation is easy and affordable. When you receive the reader, you’ll also receive a pocket guide to get started as well as a welcome email with instructions on how to download the mobile app and access the application.


  • Offline Processing: Continue accepting transactions even if you go offline.
  • Line busting: Reduce check-out times by completing purchases anywhere in the store.
  • Go mobile: Provide secure payment acceptance outside of the store for field sales, food trucks, farmers markets and other service trades.
  • Real-time reports: Manage your sales data, send e-receipts and set up your entire sales team to start taking payments easily.
  • Customizable: Manage and edit your product inventory easily on our dashboard, choose your desired tip amounts to prompt or enable the features that would improve your unique business.