The Evolution of the Genius Customer Engagement Platform

When we introduced Genius -- in pilot -- in mid-2012, our primary goal was to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) grow by enabling new payment acceptance methods and activating programs that would help them both attract new customers and retain existing ones. We also knew that this would help SMBs change the way they were interacting with their customers.

We officially released Genius to the marketplace on February 1, 2013, and in just the last 12 months alone, the merchant-customer dynamic has changed significantly. It’s no longer about just completing a transaction at the countertop; it’s now about engagement and delivering a quality experience every time. This is further illustrated as new technology hits the market – we’re seeing customers increasingly demand a seamless experience that caters to their specific wants and needs.

Very much in line with the continued evolution of the payments industry, our efforts are growing as well -- now with a widely available payments technology solution, we’re dedicated to making payment acceptance easy for SMBs. We work closely with each of our customers to ensure the solutions they use are scalable to meet their changing needs, bringing them new opportunities to help them grow their business.

This is where our solution comes in. This is where Genius plays. We evolve with the business.

In fact, everything we do falls into one of the following five categories:

  •  Payment Technology – dedicated to the evolution of all things payments, our work extends to omni-channel, point-of-sale (POS) integrations and commerce service providers (CSPs).
  •  Security & Compliance – we give business owners peace of mind by protecting commerce transactions, leveraging solutions like encryption and tokenization, PCI validated hardware and removing the POS from PA-DSS scope.
  •  Quality & Performance – we help businesses ensure reliable and stable acceptance and processing capabilities with high-speed transactions and decreased shopping cart abandonment.
  •  Business Operations – at the end of the day, every business needs to ensure they can pay the bills. With our solution, we help combine all elements of business management – including administration, remote management, flexibility, reporting and analytics, to name a few – to give a unified view of overall performance. When tied to their payments solution, this opens the door to a variety of opportunities to deliver better experiences for their customers.
  •  Omni-channel Experience – it won’t just be a buzzword for long. Customers and retailers alike are looking for a seamless way to connect and engage across shopping mediums. And when implemented correctly, a quality omni-channel experience enhances businesses’ customer acquisition and retention, as well as marketing and advertising capabilities.

Genius is a platform that is specifically engineered to evolve over time. Merchant Warehouse will continue to drive incremental value in each of the areas mentioned above as we invest in broadening the capabilities and feature-set around Genius. Here are just a few ways we’ve done that so far this year:

Payment Technology

  •  Isis Offers Redemption -- Through our partnership with Isis, we enabled SmartTap for merchants using Cayan’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform. We remain the only company currently enabling Isis capabilities for SMBs. And over the last few months, we took this one step further: we rolled out a pilot program for small to mid-sized Boston-based retailers to give them the opportunity to deploy customized offers to new and prospective customers, an approach many SMBs have not had the resources to try before. But we didn’t stop there; we also engaged a number of other locations, including Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City and Philadelphia.
  •  POS Integrations -- In less than two years, we’ve completed more than 30 POS integrations with Genius now powering payments for businesses throughout the country.

Business Operations

  •  Support for Payment Gateway Services-- We introduced Payment Gateway Services, our official gateway platform that gives businesses access to our full suite of technology solutions while still maintaining existing relationships with their payment processors. Payment Gateway Services also enabled us to give POS developers ultimate flexibility to ensure systems work together seamlessly.

Omni-channel Experience

  • Omni-channel Capabilities -- In our continued efforts to help SMBs more effectively respond to their customers’ demands, we added omni-channel capabilities to Genius, giving SMBs a single, unified view of all payment activity, regardless of where the transaction originated. This gives business owners greater reporting functionality and the ability to gain insights on customer preferences to better engage with them.

Security & Compliance + Quality & Performance

  •  Enhanced quality, performance and security -- Genius would not be complete without exemplifying the image of a sleek, modern payment technology. We focused on the quality and experience from both the merchant and consumer end-point. From compliance and security to the payment technology used to complete a transaction, Genius meets and surpasses expectations.

It’s still early in 2014 and we have big plans to make Genius even better. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things to keep an eye out for:

  •  Line Item Display -- enhancing the commerce experience and the business operations through more effective product tracking.
  •  Screen Management -- allowing retailers to customize the screen on their Genius device.