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Getting Started

How do I access the Cayan MerchantWare Portal?

Visit, enter your username and password, and click “Sign-in.

If you don’t remember your credentials – click “Forgot your username and password,” and follow the steps to recover your login information.

How do I access “Your Access One?” (Formerly Portfolio Manager.)

You can access “Your Access One” by visiting and logging in using the username and password provided to you when you signed up.

If you’ve forgotten your password – click “Forgot your password” and follow the instructions.

If you’re locked out of your account – please email us at and we will reset your password within four hours. You will receive an automated email from ‘Your Access One’ which includes instructions on how to access your account and statements.

I am a new customer and I need to program my credit card processing equipment. What should I do?

If you need to purchase new credit card processing equipment – contact your Cayan sales representative to place your order.

If you have existing processing equipment – one of our technicians will contact you to reprogram your equipment within two business days of us approving your merchant account.

If you have ordered a gateway or software product – we will email you the programming information within one to two business days of us approving your merchant account.

I am an existing customer and need to program my credit card processing equipment. What should I do?

If you recently purchased new equipment from Cayan – the equipment should be ready to use.

If you purchased the processing equipment from another vendor, or already have a terminal you wish to use – contact Technical Support at 1-844 278-7115; they will guide you through the reprogramming procedures.

If you have recently set up a new payment gateway or software product through another vendor – contact Technical Support at 1-844 278-7115; they will provide you with the programming information you need to install the equipment properly.

How can I verify if my order has been shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we ship your order.

If you are having trouble finding the shipment tracking number, call Technical Support at 1-844 278-7115, and we will provide you with a status update for your packages.

Understanding My Statements

What are the different merchant account types and rate classifications?

There are a total of seven different types of merchant account, and for every type of account there are different rate structures. To learn more about the different types of merchant account and how they interact with rates, please visit

When are monthly fees deducted from my bank account?

Monthly fees are taken out of your account between the second and fifth business day of the month. For example, your account activity in January will be debited on the second business day of February.

Can I access my account information online?

Visit to join our online reporting system.

You will receive a username and password within three business days. The online reporting system allows you to view the following information:

  • Statements, batch, and transaction information for the previous 18 months
  • Deposits
  • Chargebacks

Do I get access to my statement before I am charged?

Unfortunately, we don't have access to that information until the day the billing is processed. However, you can access “Your Access One” to view statements on the same day that fees are debited from your account.

Why am I getting separate charges from

These are third-party services that charge their own fees. While we can help you to set up these third-party gateway services, you will need to contact their Client Service department for any billing questions related to their service: (877) 447-3938.

What is “CSP” and why is it important?

The Compliance Services Package (CSP) is a standard component of our merchant services offerings. The PCI Security Standards Council mandates PCI compliance for all merchants accepting credit and debit card payments. Our Compliance Services Package provides you with the tools and resources to achieve compliance, and protect your business. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we offer increased protection for our merchants beyond the standard PCI compliance assistance including:

  • Breach Protection – If you receive a fine due to a breach of your merchant services data, and you can confirm that you were PCI compliant at the time of the breach, you will be credited up to a maximum of $10,000.
  • Chargeback Protection: You will be reimbursed for up to two transaction chargeback fees per calendar year. Up to a maximum of $25 per occurrence.
  • PCI Compliance: Cayan, through its partnership with ControlScan, provides an easy way to become PCI compliant. ControlScan guides you through the compliance process, beginning with a self-assessment questionnaire. We provide you with personalized guidance and support to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

Funding & Deposits

I just ran a transaction - when will I see the funds in my bank account?

  • Some businesses can expect to see the deposit for today's transactions in their bank account the next day.
  • All deposits should be made within three business days.
  • You can view your transactions by accessing “Your Access One” at any time.

When will I receive batches which I processed over the weekend?

Separate batches processed over the weekend go into your bank account at the same time. For example, if you process $400 on Friday and $500 on Saturday, you can expect to see a deposit of $900 to your bank account on Monday or Tuesday.

Account Management

My business recently changed from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. How do I update my account?

This is considered a “legal change.” You need to fill out paperwork detailing the change, and provide any supporting documents to us. To learn more, and to find the appropriate paperwork, visit

I recently moved my business. How do I update my terminal to print the correct address?

Visit to provide your new address to our Client Services department.

Please let us know if this new address is for both your physical location, and your mailing address where you would like to receive your statements and any other notices from us.

We will update this in our system within three business days, and after that point you can contact our 24/7 terminal support line to update the address in your terminal.

How do I update my bank account information?

Visit to download the “Update Banking Information” form. Complete the form and send it to

Once we receive your new account information, we will update your details within three business days. We will send you a confirmation email when we have completed the change.

Please be aware that any batches that you process before we complete the change will continue to go into the current bank account on file. So please do not close that account until we have completed the changes.

I am selling my business, but the new owner would like to continue on with your services. How do we make this change?

It is easy to transfer business ownership. Call 1-844-278-7115 to speak to a Client Services representative.

How do I add or remove PIN debit, EBT, Voyager/Wex or American Express/Discover?

To add or delete any one of the above, call 1-844-278-7115 to speak to one of our Client Service representatives.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, call 1-844-278-7115 to speak to one of our Client Service representatives.

How do I re-order supplies?

Contact us directly at 1-844-278-7115 and follow the automated prompts to place a request for supplies.

You guys are great and I'd like to refer other merchants to you. Do you have a referral program?

Thank you! You can take advantage of our excellent merchant referral program. You will receive $100 for every new referred merchant who selects Cayan as their credit card processor. (Not an existing Cayan customer.) And, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Please visit to get started.

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