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Cloud-based Payments Effortless updates with the cloud

Genius is cloud-based so new payment types, regulatory changes, industry updates and feature enhancements are seamlessly delivered to every device. That means no new code to write, no hardware to adjust, no hassles – no headaches.

Payment Flexibility From EMV to gift cards to mobile, we’ve got you covered

Genius allows customers to pay how they want, where they want, and be on their way quickly—whether it’s through lightning-fast chip card transactions or any of the array of mobile payments on the market. You’ll be ready to say "yes" to any and all customer payment requests, because Genius supports: credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Level Up, industry-specific payment types like HSA and FSA cards, and more.

And don’t worry, when the next new payment trend emerges, Genius will be ready to accept it — its effortless, automatic updates through the cloud make sure of it.

See How Fast EMV Can Be

Genius Handheld Bringing payments to the customer

Genius Handheld allows you to bring the transaction straight to the customer—wherever they are. Associates can get out from behind the counter and engage customers on the shop floor, boosting the likelihood of a sale and cutting checkout times. Genius Handheld offers all the power of the countertop platform on a portable device, including:

  • Full-color touch screen display
  • Accepts chip cards (EMV), Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and gift cards
  • Easy integration via the Genius API
  • Digital signature capture, PIN steering and line item display

Security & Fraud Prevention Keep cardholders' information confidential by never storing their data

Data breaches can happen anytime, anywhere. So take the first preventive step with Genius’ hacker-fighting technology. As a customer-facing, EMV-enabled solution, Genius utilizes tokenization and encryption to ensure that your customers' card data is safe, reducing the chance of security risks and fraud.

Multi-channel, Multi-location Tokens

Converts sensitive information to a token – merchants never handle customer data throughout online, in-store, and mobile transactions.

P2P Encryption

As soon as the credit card is swiped, confidential data is converted to indecipherable code for an added level of security.

Level 1 PCI Compliant

We are compliant to the highest levels of PCI and offer PCI support services (ControlScan and ASV)

Features Here's all the bells & whistles

Process All Payment Types

Credit, debit, chip cards, gift cards, mobile payments and industry-specific payment types like HSA and FSA cards

Line-Item Display

See as you scan for transparent transactions

Recurring Billing

Ensure ongoing payment with membership programs, auto-reorder and subscription programs

Intelligent PIN Steering

Our BINsmart® technology steers customers to the most advantageous payment type – reducing costs and minimizing fees

Swipe Anytime

Speed up transaction times

On-Screen Agreements

Secure paperless storage of signed customer documents

Digital Signature Capture

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve chargeback handling by digitally capturing and storing customer signatures

Store & Forward Offline Processing

Keep your business running when your network goes down

Counter Tip

Let customers show appreciation for your employees

FSA/HSA & SIGIS Compliant

Accepts health care spending accounts and supports SIGIS eligible purchase validation

Cash Back

One-stop convenience for customers

Splash Screen Ads

Reach customers when they’re in "purchase" mode

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