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Smarter payments for your business & customers with Genius®

A powerful, POS integrated, future-proof platform for all types of businesses.

Retailers & Merchants

Genius is a scalable and configurable solution designed to meet your evolving payment needs and business environment.

POS Developers

Add new payment types, create a secure and engaging checkout experience, and take your POS out of scope for PA-DSS.

Resellers & Dealers

Genius's cloud architecture ensures that your customers can adapt to emerging payments without replacing their hardware.

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All the features and functionality you'll ever need

Payment Flexibility

Genius allows your customers to pay with traditional credit or debit cards, gift and loyalty cards, chip cards (EMV), or with mobile applications like Apple Pay® and Android Pay®.

Robust Security and EMV

As a customer facing, EMV enabled solution, Genius utilizes tokenization and encryption to ensure customers' card data is safe, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud.

Customizable Features

By adding features like signature capture, prompt for PIN Debit, swipe anytime and tip adjustment, Genius can be tailored to meet your business environment.

Countertop Enhancements

Eliminate the need for multiple hardware components like auxiliary PIN pads and pole displays. Genius is an all-in-one solution that reduces the clutter.

On-screen Marketing

Thanks to a customizable user interface, branded content can be stored in the cloud and sent to your device allowing you to advertise offers and loyalty programs at the point of purchase.

Business Management

Genius also provides offline processing, remote updates, and intelligent PIN steering technology to help you focus on growing your business.

Streamline your payments

Genius is the only payments solution that can prepare your business for everything from debit cards and credit cards to chip cards (EMV) and NFC.

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