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Provide your customers with a robust suite of payment technologies that makes payments easy.

Reduce the burdens of security, eliminate the need for tedious hardware swaps, and offer your customers ultimate flexibility, an enhanced consumer experience and future-proof payment solutions.

Simplify the Countertop

Simplify the counter-top

Genius was designed to provide an all-in-one counter-top solution to compliment the POS, eliminating the need for peripheral PIN pads and pole displays.


Remote updates

Genius’s cloud architecture and semi-integration to the POS allow for updates and new functionality to be added to the payment device without any terminal swaps or physical handling.

Customizable Features

Customizable features

Genius offers a suite of payment and nonpayment functionality that can be customized for the customer’s needs and enhance the checkout experience. Whether it’s tip adjustment, cash back, on screen promotion or manual entry, Genius is easily customizable.


Security & Compliance

Rest easy knowing Genius comes standard with PIN debit and EMV capabilities reducing the chance of fraud. It also uses encryption and tokenization to secure each individual transaction simplifying the burden of PCI-DSS for your customers.

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