for Retailers & Merchants

Genius provides a world class checkout experience for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are a national retailer with hundreds of locations or a specialty boutique with one location, Genius works for you. It delivers ultimate flexibility, security and payment future-proofing for your business.

Payment Technologies

Robust payment options

In addition to traditional credit, debit and gift card transactions, Genius also has the unique capability to accept chip card and NFC (mobile) transactions all on one customer-facing device.

Customizable value Adds

Customizable value adds

Genius is more than just a payment acceptance device; it’s a platform with many integrated features to help you streamline your business. It’s configurable to meet your business’s needs and can enhance your customers’ experience at the register.


Secure and compliant

Reduce the burden PCI-DSS has on your business. Genius removes customers’ sensitive data from the point-of-sale, protecting your business from costly fraud and data breaches while simplifying the process of compliance.

Payment Types

Future-proof your business

Mobile payments and chip card payments are two of the newest methods for customers to pay at checkout. Genius has the unique ability to accept these transactions and activate future payment types remotely to each active device you employ in your locations. Always be ready to say “yes” to any customer payment request.

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