Gift Cards

gift and loyaltyGift cards and stored-value programs are great for attracting consumers and driving incremental, bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have increased steadily over recent years, and demand remains incredibly strong. 

Cayan SV is a comprehensive gift card and stored-value solution featuring:

  • Professionally designed or customizable cards
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Cross-location reporting and reconciliation
  • Targeted marketing programs
The average redemption time for a gift card is 3 months, and 10% of all cards are never used, which extends your daily cash flow. Additionally, our gift cards can be used for merchandise returns so you don’t have to exchange cash with consumers. Because our cards need to be activated, there are no concerns of fraud or theft.

Get started with Cayan SV today to receive a free setup and a complimentary welcome kit with 50 pre-designed, reloadable cards.