Tabbedout is a free mobile payment system designed exclusively for use in the hospitality industry. Designed to incorporate mobile payment and customer satisfaction, Tabbedout allows customers to open, view and pay tabs and gives merchants multiple tools and sources of information.


Tabbedout is a point of sale (POS) mobile payment solution, which means it is designed to be used for in-person rather than remote transactions. It is set up for use only in bars and restaurants, and is an entirely software based system. As such, no additional hardware is required for a business to start accepting payments via Tabbedout; the only requirement is a brief software installation process.

Merchant Side

Mobile Payment

In lieu of handing over cash or swiping a credit card, Tabbedout sends each customer's encrypted payment information directly to the proprietor's POS payment system. The program is designed to reduce liability and save time needed to handle credit cards manually. Tabbedout also adds a minimum gratuity to every customer's tab automatically.

Customer Information

Tabbedout provides merchants with easy access to each customer's order history and preferences, and this information updates in real time every time a guest visits an establishment. In addition, customers can submit direct feedback from within the app, and restaurant and bar managers can respond to that feedback immediately, before the customer even has time to walk out the door.

Loyalty and Tracking

Merchants who use Tabbedout have access to a management dashboard, which allows them to break their customer base into groups, extend special offers to specific customers and target their communications accordingly. The app tracks redeemed offers in real time, automatically.

Consumer Side

Quick Payment

Spurred by its inventor's dissatisfaction with waiting almost an hour to pay a restaurant bill, Tabbedout allows consumers to view their tabs, add a tip and pay the bill as soon as they are ready. Because it works from a mobile device, consumers can pay from wherever they are, be it a table or a bar.

Tab Splitting

Because Tabbedout breaks down a bill item by item, it makes splitting payment with a group of friends quite easy. Every guest can easily separate his or her items and pay a fair share with no need for multiple credit cards or complicated math, and the app adds each guest's share of the tip automatically.

Payment Security

By storing credit card information inside user's phones behind encryption, Tabbedout allows guests to keep their cards in their wallets and open tabs securely. The app also includes a passphrase feature for added security.

Feedback and Rewards

Tabbedout includes a feedback feature that allows customers to communicate directly with restaurant and bar management during their visits. Mobile technology submits praise and constructive criticism instantly, and the merchant can respond right away, either through the app or in person. In addition, Tabbedout sends users targeted discounts to the bars and restaurants they visit, which are automatically redeemed and do not expire.

History and Statistics

Customers can use Tabbedout to view the names of the establishments they have visited and the items they have tried and earn status as a new, repeat or VIP customer. This information is automatically shared with managers and servers.