As you likely know by now, there was an unprecedented distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that impacted many sites across the U.S., including Cayan’s. Early reports indicate this was a concerted effort by a small group that was able to exploit weaknesses in the internet’s latest phenomenon: IoT or Internet of Things. Millions of everyday connected devices (security cameras, thermostats, home routers, etc.) were leveraged to create traffic congestion against a key component of the internet’s backbone – the Domain Name System.
Regardless of circumstance, vendor, or precedent, Cayan continues with our commitment of delivering unparalleled service to you, our customer. Over the last 48 hours, the team has been busy working with customers and vendors to learn from this experience and put in place a set of documents, processes, and infrastructure updates to minimize future disruption from this type of incident. Initiatives that have been or will be enacted over the next several days are:

DNS vendor diversity: We have introduced an additional vendor into our namespace resolution chain. This will be available to all merchants today, Monday, October 24.

Failsafe IP endpoint addressing on Genius devices: For a future release, all Genius devices will have endpoint IP addresses configured in case primary and secondary DNS resolution fails.

Help site updates: We’ll be introducing additional technical articles/FAQs to educate our customers on the terminology used throughout this incident.

Vendor outreach: We have begun contacting vendors to determine their remediation plans to address this incident.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We fully understand how vital Cayan is to your core business functions, and will continue to take appropriate measures to minimize the impact from these occurrences in the future. I personally stand behind this pledge, and will see to it that we remain unwavering in providing you the best experience possible.

​​Cayan CTO on Friday's DDoS Attacks

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