Money20/20 has concluded, and another exciting event on the payments and retail calendar is now past us. We’d been excited for the 2016 gathering for a long time, but it surpassed even our expectations. Here’s a look back at some of the major themes we saw:

Big Technology for Small Businesses
Our CEO Henry Helgeson participated in a panel about small business payments, and he discussed both the obstacles SMBs face and the advantages they have as they move into the future. At one point, Henry spoke about a theme we saw repeatedly throughout the show—the advanced solutions now available to small businesses:

"SMBs have always been traditionally behind the curve, and a lot of that was because the solutions were too expensive. Now, we’re in an interesting world – when you walk around Money20/20, you see all these small companies with analytics and loyalty. And it’s packaged up nicely and boxed up well, and you can implement it in the SMB market a lot quicker than you can in a big retailer. It may not be as complex or as feature-rich as what the large retailers have, but you can just take a software package and implement it in [a small] retail in 30 days, where a large retailer might need 12 months to get that into the space.

… SMBs have been behind the large retailers, particularly on the e-commerce side, for a number of years now. This could be the year where they start to catch up. Technologies like Apple Pay, for example, where you can pay with the thumb print through Safari, make it as convenient to pay online as it does at a place like Amazon."

The World Comes Together
One of the fascinating parts of every Money20/20 is the way it brings the incredible world of global payments to a local level. A small American retailer can get a glimpse at payment technology from the other side of the world that isn’t even being sold yet. Where else can that happen? It’s a dynamic that makes Money20/20 a thrilling event—solutions from everywhere, all in one place.

The Future Is Now
There’s no clearer indication of the new world of payments than walking the floor at Money20/20. It seems like wherever you look, you see new and exciting solutions that almost no one could’ve imagined only a few years ago. We were thrilled to be a part of it, and it was wonderful to talk to everyone we met on the floor.

​​Money20/20: Our 3 Big Takeaways

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