As fraud and breaches grow in volume, security has become more important than ever. Recently, the PCI Security Council altered the TLS standards, and while the deadline for the new requirements is still a year away, it could cause disruption for merchants down the line if they don't update their systems soon. Our Dominic Lachowicz covers the coming changes over at our Developer's Blog, where he offers a preview and encourages merchants to take action soon

"In its latest standards document, the PCI SSC ... provides guidance for merchants and merchant services providers to adopt newer versions of the TLS cryptographic standard. In the PCI 3.2 standard, the PCI SSC has mandated that by June 2018, merchants and MSPs must migrate to more secure protocols, but waiting is not recommended. The existence of the POODLE and Heartbleed exploits, among others, prove that anyone using SSL and early TLS risks being breached."

Read the rest of Dom's blog to find out more about what's happening, what Cayan's doing to make sure you're safe, and how you can prepare.

​​How to Prepare for the Upcoming TLS Changes

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