Gift cards bring a large amount of value to your store, no matter what industry you’re in. Loyalty, return customers, and boosted revenue are just some of the clear benefits that gift cards create.

We understand merchants and retailers want hard numbers before they make decisions, so we’ve looked through the surveys and stats to find the ones that show you the true value of gift cards:

93% of US consumers either buy or receive a gift card every year. The fact is, if you don’t have gift cards, you’re losing a huge revenue opportunity. A large portion of this 93% are going to buy a gift card no matter what, because it’s the simplest and most flexible gift to give someone—they’ll be setting out on their shopping trip intending to buy a gift card from one place or another. If you don’t have gift cards, these consumers will look elsewhere for them, and that’s lost revenue for you.

72% of people use more than the value of their card—on average, people spend 20% more. It almost seems as if the number should be higher—anyone who uses a gift card for a store almost certainly has to go over by some small amount. But what’s really important is the second half of the stat—the 20% figure shows just how much extra revenue beyond the gift card you can get, and that’s not including the potential for repeat customers.

55% of gift card recipients go to a store more than once to use the entire gift card balance. This is an aspect of gift cards that has long-term effects—a customer who attends your store twice is already likely to come back again afterward. The next time they’re thinking of buying a product that you carry, the image of that product sitting on your shelves will pop into their head.

There’s plenty of other stats, of course, but these three capture the core value of gift cards—nearly all customers want to give or receive gift cards, recipients will return to your store multiple times to use them, and they’ll very often choose to spend beyond the value of the gift card. The benefits are clear, and the numbers support it—without gift cards, you’re missing out.

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