In the years since the rise of the smartphone, mobility has changed industry after industry. Now, payments is the latest space that’s undergoing a revolution. As the technology becomes more efficient and affordable, it’s clear that mobility is the future of payments.

Our latest solution, Genius Mini, is a transformative step forward in mobile payment acceptance. Mini offers three business-changing benefits: it makes businesses mobile, it allows them to personalize the customer experience, and it lets them move their storefront beyond their four walls to seek out new customers.

A Small Device With Big Benefits
Genius Mini is a small reader that attaches to any iOS or Android phone or tablet in order to take payments. It’s integrated to the point of sale system and available in both Bluetooth and audio jack options. It’s also simple to set up and operates seamlessly with any device.

But this small attachment leads to big benefits for businesses.

Get Out From Behind the Counter With Mobility
Where should merchants go? Well, start by leaving the counter behind. With Genius Mini, countertops are no longer needed. Businesses can save that space and go wherever their customers are.

For many retailers, they’ll now move into the aisles, talk to customers, and check them out in an instant. They can point shoppers to the products they’re searching for, keep an eye on stocking and inventory, and cut down lines with roaming associates.

For restaurants, the technology is just as important. Pay at the table has been popular in Europe for years, but hasn’t yet caught on in America—and that’s because the solutions in America have not been simple or widely affordable yet. All that’s changed now.

Customers will no longer have to go through the long process of requesting the check, getting the check, giving their card away and waiting for the check to come back. Instead, they pay in one simple step, without their card ever leaving their hand, and walk out more quickly and more satisfied.

Personalize the Shopping Experience
With Genius Mini, store associates can now walk the aisles with customers and make personalized recommendations. This will not only help to close the sale faster than ever, it will help businesses sell more—statistics show 46% of shoppers have bigger tickets when the experience is personalized.

When an associate works directly alongside customers, they turn into a consultative seller. They can point out other items the customer might like, help them order things that are no long in stock, and close the buy right away.

No one knows a store’s inventory like the employees, and that’s why they should be in the aisles helping out customers, not languishing behind a cash register.

Move the Storefront and Find New Customers
It’s not just within the store, either. Businesses can go beyond their four walls to seek out new customers.

Sidewalk sales are now a simple task, capturing the attention of pedestrians who hadn’t noticed the store before. Looking to do a pop-up shop? Mini not only lets a business take payments anywhere, it will track the data as simply as if these customers were checked out at the counter.

From food trucks to festivals, now business can go on the road, and they’ll still be providing the same unified experience as they do in-store.

The Specs
Genius Mini, like all of our Genius solutions, can handle all existing payment types, like EMV, NFC, gift, and more. Setup is simple for both merchants and developers, thanks to its easy API.

Security is as cutting-edge as the rest of our line of Genius solutions. Because it keeps data off the POS, it helps to reduce PCI scope, and includes point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

And Mini utilizes cloud updates as the rest of our Genius line, staying up to date on the latest in payment acceptance and security.

Genius Mini opens up limitless payment experiences possibilities. Find out more about Mini.

​​How Genius Mini Can Change Your Business

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