March Madness arrives next week, and at Cayan, we’re especially fond of the early stages. The first few rounds have constant action, and most importantly, the biggest upsets. Nonstop bracket busters just make life more exciting. Everyone loves a Cinderella story.

In fact, Cayan’s got a bit of a professional interest in Cinderella stories. It’s true that our technology is used by plenty of nationwide chains, so maybe we’re playing both sides of the fence here. But we also work closely with thousands of SMBs to give them the payment tools that retail giants have been employing for so long.

In the past, many companies had to cower in the face of massive retailers, but no longer. These days, even the smallest companies have a chance to employ big data, e-commerce, and so much more. They’re ready to thrive no matter what. Now, David stands a chance against Goliath.

These days, even the smallest businesses have access to cutting-edge technology and features. From data to speed to mobile and beyond, a lot of these tools simply weren’t do available to SMBs just a few short years ago. Back then, these were the tools of the Big Industry Players, and smaller businesses simply couldn’t hope to access them. No longer.

Our technology is part of a playing field that’s growing more level by the minute. Our CEO Henry Helgeson talked about this in his predictions for 2017:

Hyperlocal commerce brings the speed and convenience of online delivery to small businesses and their consumers […] Innovations in payment technologies will quickly break down barriers for smaller merchants, giving them the same cutting-edge options as major retailers and making them more nimble, customer-focused and competitive. While small merchants don’t have the scale to deploy something as sophisticated as a Starbucks-style app, they will be able to easily find unique technologies that don’t require a big tech team to get off the ground and manage, and level the playing field that way.

So good luck to all the SMBs as they do everything possible to grow their bottom line. And good luck to all the double-digit seeds going head-to-head against the nation’s biggest programs. We’ll be rooting for you. Especially if you’re playing Duke.

​​Bracket Busters: How Payment Tech Can Help David Beat Goliath

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