People go to Forever Resorts to relax. Individuals and families choose these resorts to “make memories that last Forever,” as their slogan says. Whether it’s at national parks like the Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon or Grand Canyon, it’s important that these places offer a stress‐free experience.

And even something as small as payments can make a huge difference. When vacationers are checking out in Forever Resorts stores, they want a smooth, friction‐free process. No one wants endless lines, long transaction times, or errors.

And that’s why Forever Resorts uses Cayan and Retail Pro to make sure checkout is in line with the rest of the Forever Resorts experience.

How They Chose Cayan
Forever Resorts chose Cayan three years ago, selecting Genius after first settling upon Retail Pro for their POS system. Werner Van Zyl, Application Specialist for Forever, made the decision.

Werner had been in the payment industry for years, starting out working specifically with Retail Pro software. Given his expertise, Werner knew what he wanted in his payment systems and had specific ideas in mind about capabilities and features. He knew he needed not only Cayan, but the Genius system.

He found the implementation to be a straightforward task. Setup was simple, and Forever Resorts was up and running in no time. And in the time since then, Werner says, Cayan has consistently shined in all areas of customer service.

The Biggest Benefit: Great Support
“The biggest benefit to Cayan comes when I call with a question,” he said. “I told one of your technicians once, ‘You guys have the best support I’ve ever experienced.’ I always get a live person quickly, and that person solves any issue within a few minutes.”

Once Forever Resorts had Genius up and running in their stores, they quickly saw another benefit: speed. Slow EMV transaction speed has plagued the payments industry since the 2015 changeover, but Genius offers industry‐leading transaction times. This has led to quicker checkouts during the busiest seasons—and quicker transactions means happier customers and higher satisfaction.

“These properties get large crowds of people over the holiday periods,” Werner said. “One big benefit we saw was the speed of accepting payments. Speeds were much, much better after we began using Genius.”

Werner said he also appreciates other aspects of Cayan, especially the security—he talked specifically about Cayan’s efforts in the area, where Genius’s ability to keep data off the terminal and its consistent, cloud‐based updates minimize PCI compliance requirements.

“With the Genius system simplifying PCI compliance,” he said, “we don’t have to worry about that, either.”

In the end, Werner said he’s enjoyed working with Cayan, and is excited for what the future brings.

“Kudos to all you guys there, and just keep it up,” he said.

​​Customer Spotlight: The Serene Experience of Forever Resorts

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