When Mastercard® and Marie Claire began to plan the recent New York City pop-up shop “The Next Big Thing,” they searched for solutions that would demonstrate the shop’s purpose: To show off the technology that will reshape the retail industry in the coming years.

Marie Claire and Mastercard needed a mobile POS that supported their vision, and Teamwork Retail was the clear answer. Teamwork has a history of transforming businesses with cutting-edge solutions that simplify retail, and their mobile solutions were perfect for the pop-up shop.

And Teamwork, in turn, knew the perfect solution to augment their POS: Genius Mini, the Cayan solution they had recently integrated to.

Teamwork and Cayan Together
While people talk about the “Death of Retail,” Mastercard and Marie Claire know that retail isn’t going away, but it is evolving—and technology will be central to that. From smart mirrors to window touch screens, the pop-up show was organized to show shoppers what they could expect in the years to come.

Mastercard chose Teamwork Retail to help them orchestrate payments for the show because of Teamwork’s overarching omnichannel mission. And one thing was certain right away, according to David Mauerer, a project manager at Teamwork.

“Marie Claire and Mastercard were clear from the start,” Mauerer said. “They said ‘We will not have a cash register. There will be no counters.’ They were vehement about it.”

Teamwork, though, was unfazed—as a POS provider that focuses on unified commerce, their technology is made to go everywhere their customers are. That means whether it’s a physical brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce, or on their phones, Teamwork can handle it. And their long relationship with Cayan meant they knew they had the exact right answer to the problem, because they were already integrated to Genius Mini.

“We said ‘Great, let’s do it,’” Mauerer said. “The Genius Mini was literally the perfect solution for that goal. We’d have no designated checkout area, no place where people get their bags and wait in line—no friction like that. Just roaming associates and a roaming point of sale.”


The Simple Set-Up
Mastercard approved Mini, and setup began soon thereafter. Of course, in a technologically advanced store like this, there’s a lot of different parts involved. But Mini was the least of their concerns, according to Teamwork.

“It was so easy to set up Mini,” he said. “It’s not just the lack of cables. On the point of sale itself, it’s so simple. Just download the app, pair it, set it up with Bluetooth, that’s it.

“As a project manager, I’m looking forward to using it more because it felt like it took just minutes to get the Mini device up and running.”

From there, it was even easier.

“In such a technologically advanced store, if one thing breaks, that can create several other problems,” Mauerer noted. “There were a lot of moving parts on this project. But one aspect that never concerned us was Mini.”


The Doors Open
The store lasted from September 23 to October 12, and beyond the incredible technology on display, it featured events centered around Sunday manicures, headshot photography, latte artists, and much more. The heavy traffic meant the technology was put to the test—and it passed with flying colors.

Next up for Teamwork is translating that technology into everyday use for more merchants, and they’re already seeing serious demand, according to Amber Hovious, director of marketing and business development for Teamwork.

“The mobility of it, and the ease of use is attracting a lot of interest,” she said. “They’re carrying around merchandise, bags, and other things—so to have something attach to the iPad and take payments is amazing for them.”

​​Case Study: Teamwork Retail, Genius Mini and the Future of Retail