In celebration of Nationwide Customer Service Week, we’ve already talked a bit about our company-wide preparation. But perhaps more important than any protocol is the people—the representatives on the phones and handling the calls.

Service Is Only As Good As The People On The Phones
Here at Cayan, we know our service is only as good as our people, and we’re proud of everyone who answers our phones. Take a look at some of our case studies or Instagram pictures, and you’ll see that when people talk about Cayan, they talk about the people who’ve helped them.

That’s why we focus above all on training. Every one of our customer experience advisors who comes on board goes through an intensive 2-week training program, learning about our products and being guided through their initial calls on the phone. It’s a blend of in-person tutorials and training in our extensive online courses.

But it doesn’t end there—Cayan has continuing education constantly. Whether it’s a refresher, a new product rollout, an industry change, or anything out of the ordinary, our training department combines them with in-person sessions and online materials to make sure everyone who picks up a phone is ready for anything.

Recognition For Our Training
Now, Cayan has been recognized for our efforts. The online platform Litmos, which Cayan uses to conduct online trainings, offers Lenny Awards to the companies that best utilize their platform. With only 6 categories and more than one hundred nominees, Cayan was honored with the “Best Employee Training” Award. And given Litmos’s customer base—their site’s front page features client names like YouTube and PepsiCo—we were extremely honored.

“Cayan has been around for 20 years, and we’ve begun to expand faster than ever, both in number of employees and the scope of our products. Our training programs have been integral in making sure we keep customers happy.”, according to Shannon Buchanan, who runs the Knowledge Management department that is in charge of trainings.

“Cayan has grown rapidly, evolving from a merchant services startup to a technology leader in payment processing innovations who meets demand with first-to-market products,” Buchanan said. “This means that the learning curve and the subjects we have had to train our employees on has changed over time. Litmos has helped us adapt to that.”

What’s Next
Of course, we know that we can never get complacent. The industry always has another trick up its sleeve, and big changes are always afoot. We’ve already begun preparing for 2018’s big moment, the TLS Changeover Deadline on June 31, 2018.

And we’ll get there the same way we have in the past: training, discussion, and the talent of all of the people on the phones.

​​Why Practice Makes Perfect in Customer Service

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