Genius Handheld is now here, and we think it can change the way you do business.

Ok, so you’re skeptical. We get it. But we think we can convince you. Let’s run through three use cases that show the value of Genius Handheld.

1. Your cashier becomes your consultative seller.
The rumors of brick-and-mortar’s death have been greatly exaggerated. It remains the most popular way to buy goods, and almost 94% of total retail sales are still generated in brick-and-mortar stores.

Why? People still want a personal touch—they want the help of a real live, responsive, knowledgeable human. Just take a look at the stats:

The numbers bear out what we’ve always known: Give the customer the help they want, and you can increase revenue. And the best way to do that is to make sure your employees have the freedom to guide the customers through the buying journey. This is much different from standing behind a counter and pointing to an aisle. Now, associates roam the store with them, pointing out products they like, and offering personalized recommendations.

You can not only make sure you’re recommending something they’ll like, you can find other items to add on, too. You know your inventory better than any customer. And you’ll know the items to recommend to your customers now, too, thanks to Genius Handheld.

2. Never let the moment pass. Save the sale in an instant.
Items are sometimes out of stock—there’s no way to avoid it. It happens to every retailer in every industry. Maybe a customer has found a piece of clothing they like, but you can’t find it in their perfect size. Maybe you’re helping someone look for a book they want, but someone just snagged the last copy. And now you realize: The moment is about to pass. Your customer is about to leave.

If you have any barriers to a simple next step at this moment, people will almost always leave. If you have to walk them back to the register, call another store, and then wait on hold, by the time you’ve confirmed you can order them another one, it’s too late—they’re gone.

Instead, never let an impulse to buy pass. Pull out Genius Handheld, and you can capture the sale right away. After you’re able to tell them “We’ve got it at another location, I can have it here in 2 days or we can deliver it to your house,” they’ll be able to pay on the spot and finish the transaction immediately. You’ve saved them time, and you’ve saved yourself a sale.

3. Open up the floor.
For retailers in many industries, the boutique is now the ideal model. Customers love these high-end shops, with their personal shoppers and their unique style. And one crucial step to achieving the boutique look is to get rid of the counter.

The boutique experience is about breaking down barriers—and the counter does nothing but take up space and separate the customer from your employee. In a boutique, your employees are there to personally usher customers through every step of the process, offering personalized recommendations and feedback on choices. (Remember that 40% statistic we mentioned?) Not only that, boutiques often use smaller, more intimate spaces—it’s simply a waste to use square footage for a counter.


Of course, these are only a few ways people are taking advantage of Genius Handheld. Plenty of stores love to use Genius Handheld for line busting, pulling customers out of line when waits gets too long. Some stress its ability to accommodate impulse buys—browse the aisles to check out shoppers as soon as they see what they want. Many stores have used it to link into their Wi-Fi and host a sidewalk sale outside their store. Some even keep the counter but hide the POS, putting Handheld in a drawer and taking it out at the moment of sale.

There’s a million uses for Genius Handheld, but there’s the goal is always the same: happier customers and higher revenue.

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​​The Top 3 Use Cases for Genius Handheld

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