Cayan has achieved P2PE 2.0 certification from the PCI Council with our latest Genius payments solution, Genius Smart P2PE, and we want to let you know what that means.

What It Means
Cayan has offered encryption since 2008, when we were one of the first companies to embrace encryption. We ramped up our efforts when we released Genius to ensure all customer data stayed safe.

Now, our latest efforts have resulted in P2PE 2.0-certified solutions. These new solutions simplify PCI compliance to an unprecedented level. Merchants in the past had a PCI-DSS compliance process that entailed 329 questions and 12 SAQ control sections. Now, if they use our new P2PE-validated version of Genius, they have just 4 SAQ sections and 33 questions.

P2PE was established by the PCI Security Standards council – it enforces cryptographical protection of data every step through to the payment processor, starting by instantaneously encrypting data at the point of interaction. This renders sensitive data unreadable, and far less valuable. It makes it not only hard to get access to any data, but, in the worst-case scenario, to use it even if they do get it.

This is the most powerful solution available to people taking payments in any industry.

For more information on the process, check out this webinar with our Senior Vice President of Engineering, Dominic Lachowicz. 

Why It Matters
Breaches are only growing bigger and bigger. Merchants of every industry need to be sure that their customer data is safe, and it’s especially important in industries that handle large amounts of sensitive personal information.

With Genius Smart P2PE, merchants can rest easy. Genius Smart P2PE gives merchants the peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to avoid a breach. And if anything does happen, the P2PE solution provider—not the merchant—is held accountable for data loss and fines.

P2PE allows merchants to focus on their core business by eliminating a huge amount of the compliance work.

Our Ken Paull sums it up best. We’ve worked on security and encryption for years now, and now we can prove that we’re doing everything we can for merchants.

"While Genius has always deployed state of the art encryption technology and tokenization of all transactions, achieving a PCI P2PE 2.0 certification allows us to ensure the highest level of security available at a time when retailers are most in need of enhanced protection," said Ken Paull, CRO at Cayan.

​​Genius Smart P2PE: The Cutting Edge in Security

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