Ok, so maybe it’s not warm just yet. We’ve got our headquarters in Boston, and it’s actually quite cold here today. But last week, we had a streak of warm days that melted more than a foot of snow in short order. The signs are all there—spring isn’t far away, and you need to be prepared.

That means different things to different people, and here at Cayan, we’re always thinking about payments. We don’t have tips for beach season, we can’t give you advice on planting summer vegetables, but we do have some thoughts on how you can use payments in new ways during the warm weather. Here are a few ideas:

1. Take to the streets with a sidewalk sale. As the weather warms up, people start going for leisurely walks around the streets, and the sidewalks grow far more crowded with idle browsers. If you’re on a busy street, you can take advantage of passing crowds with a sidewalk sale – get your products out on the street where everyone will see them, and you can boost sales by catching those pedestrian eyes. And sales will be smoother if you have handheld payments: you can even let them swipe right there, rather than making them take the item inside to prolong the sale and make them think twice.

2. Get out in the field. With warm weather come an abundance of outdoor events, and you should do your best to get involved in them. Small businesses obviously lack the sort of advertising budget that larger businesses have, so sometimes it’s essential to go out and find new customers in innovative ways, rather than sit back and hope they come to you.

Of course, moving into the field is not always a simple task – you need to do a good deal of planning. But it pays off with not only boosted sales, but increased exposure. Whether it’s a food truck, a temporary stand at a local event, or otherwise, there’s great new chances to go out into the field and massively increase your exposure during the warm months.

3. Make better offers by tracking customer behaviors. You know that old saying, “She could sell ice to an eskimo”? Well, forgive us if we ruin the joke here, but that’s a funny idea because eskimos don’t want or need ice. They live in a freezing area. If you were trying to better target eskimos with deals, you’d sell them firelogs, seal bait, parkas – anything but ice!

So keep that in mind when you think about how better ad targeting can help your company. As summer arrives, make sure you have smarter targeting that takes into account people’s behavioral changes when the weather turns. Give people offers for sunscreen, ice cream, anything they love during the warm months. But deals on snow shovels and scarves are not going to draw people in.

To do this, it’s crucial not only that you have data on what your customers like, but that you have the tools to explore it and derive insight. That way, you can make sure you’re making them an offer they’ll love, not something they have no interest in. When they know they can trust you, it’s going to boost your incremental traffic and increase loyalty.


Of course, these are just a few ideas. You might have your own ideas to draw people in this summer, whether it’s with payments or any other aspect of your business. Let us know in the comments!

​​How to Spring Your Sales as the Weather Warms Up

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