Charlie Miller is a man with a vision, and that vision started with sunglasses.

Since 1987, Charlie has grown COT Inc. from a single-store, cash-only operation into a variety of different stores, with ten locations in beach towns throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. What began as Coconuts in Provincetown, MA now includes Board Stiff in Falmouth, MA, Newport Sunglass Shop in Newport, RI, Board Stiff in Provincetown, and more.

Along with sunglasses, COT stores offer a wide range of sunwear, beachwear, and streetwear. Since its cash-only origins, COT has become credit-card friendly, now boasting 90% credit card-based sales.

After all his brick-and-mortar success, Charlie created and, so that his customers could buy their favorite products wherever they were, whenever they wanted. As sales took off at the websites, Charlie needed to find a set of solutions that would allow him to connect his in-store and online checkout process and create a true unified commerce experience.

COT needed to find a payment acceptance solution that could work with the accounting, e-commerce, and marketing applications they already used daily, and they wanted a seamless transition. It also had to be flexible enough to handle future growth. The solution had to be simple to use, right out of the box, for employees and customers alike. COT also wanted to track all their sales data – both online and in-store – in a single place. And they wanted all this in a package that would save them money.

Sound impossible? That’s where Cayan comes in.

COT chose the ERPLY POS system integrated to the Cayan Genius platform, and this solution gave them all they wanted and more. Onboarding was a breeze, and no on-site technician was needed for installation. There was no complicated process or challenging learning curve for Charlie’s team. And friendly, helpful customer service representatives were a quick call away. The clean, modern interface helped decrease transaction times and removed clutter from the counter, making it easier for customers to shop and employees to sell.

ERPLY’s cloud-based solution with Genius helped bring all ten of Charlie’s locations – plus his e-commerce sites – to a single, easy-to-use platform.

“ERPLY and Cayan is the way to go,” said Charlie. “I’ve heard customers say ‘Wow, that was fast!’ Plus, we can access e-commerce and in-store sales data instantly, and react in real-time. It’s truly makes it easier for me to run my business, wherever I am.”

With Cayan’s ChipIQ™ technology, EMV transactions are fast—really fast. 4 seconds fast. This gets Charlie’s customers back to the beach faster and happier, ready to share their great experience with friends and family.

“I’m confident customer information is secure thanks to Genius’ state of the art EMV technology,” Charlie said. “And customers love the fast transaction speed so they can get in, get out, and get back to their vacation.”

​​Case Study: How COT Inc. Expanded With Help From Cayan

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