Technology doesn’t just conform to the demands of consumers—it also changes the way people behave.  At Cayan, we’ve seen again and again that your payment technology has a large hand in consumer behavior. Here’s a few of the most notable examples.

Fast Chip Cards and Customer Walkouts
It hardly matters what industry you’re in—people simply do not like to wait. That’s why retailers work so hard to keep lines short and why restaurants try so hard to turn around tables as quickly as possible. Most customers have a maximum wait time in their head, and if you exceed that, they’re likely to opt for another business. We’ve seen in our surveys that customers are willing to walk out if they anticipate long waits. Some people are even willing to leave if they think the wait will be more than 20 seconds, and almost 80% of people said they would be shopping online more due to chip card issues.

And that’s one reason that fast chip card transactions have been so important. To this day, there are still major retailers throughout the country that have not yet mastered chip cards, something that’s truly been inconceivable to us. Last year, chip cards added hundreds of millions of hours to checkout across the country. That’s having a direct impact on your bottom line.

Save the Sale
Here’s a harsh but not-very-controversial claim: people’s attention spans are shorter than ever. And that’s why one of the tensest interactions for a retailer is when you inform a customer you don’t have a particular product.

Sure, you can tell them that you would be happy to order it for them from a different store.  But at that point, you have a customer who’s ready to buy, and you can’t satisfy their immediate need. If you have to make a call to another store, wait on hold to hear if they have it, consult with the customer, and so forth, most customers just say “forget it” and leave.

That’s why mobile payment devices can be so helpful. If you’re in the aisle with the customer, and your POS offers reliable inventory information across locations, you can order the item in moments and have them paying on the spot. The shorter the wait, the less time they have to reconsider and go somewhere else.

Apple Pay and Nudges on Your Screen
Apple Pay hasn’t yet taken off in the way that everyone expected it to, but plenty of us (including our CEO) still think its tipping point will come soon. And a lot of Apple Pay believers have a theory about its slow growth: we suspect that consumers want to you use, but they just haven’t yet developed the habit of pulling it out, and they don’t want to bother asking if it’s accepted.

And we’ve got a bit of proof for that theory. We advertised Apple Pay on the splash screens of selected Cayan terminals, and we saw an instant and massive leap in use of the payment method. It just goes to show that a small prompt can have a big impact on customer decisions.


But these are just a few ways that we’ve seen payments influence customers. There’s countless others—loyalty bringing customers back, offers drawing in new consumers, mobile devices letting you consult in aisle, and on and on. Payments are a big part of your retail experience—make sure you’re using them to create the experience your customers want.

​​How Tech Dictates Consumer Behavior at Checkout

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