Monday marked the start of National Small Business Week, a celebration which has been recognized by the President every year since 1963. That’s a long stretch of time, and a great deal has changed since the first Small Business Week 54 years ago—but what hasn’t changed is the importance of small businesses throughout the country.

The Numbers on Small Business
According to the United States Small Business Association, the majority of Americans work for or own a small business, and what’s more, small businesses create 66% of new jobs in the U.S. each year.
These two stats show just how crucial the small business is to the American economy—while people may first think of McDonalds and Walmart when they think of business here in America, the truth is that the massive amount of small businesses throughout the nation are the true engine of the American economy.
Small businesses in this country may not be listed on NASDAQ—but they are what’s really powering growth here in America.

The Stories Behind Small Business
Of course, the numbers can’t fully capture what small businesses do here in America. There’s simply too many of them—the sheer volume around the country can never be fully recognized.
Still, we are truly thankful for small business owners and the people who work so hard with them, and that’s why we share their stories. In March, we highlighted 6 small businesses, their mission, and their story. They were from different parts of the country, and worked in different industries and had different philosophies, but one thing tied them together: their dedication. These businesses were determined to succeed, and we were truly inspired by their passion.

We want to take a moment to recognize and encourage small businesses throughout the country, and mention how inspired we are behind the owners and entrepreneurs who lead these businesses. Let us know your small business story in the comments—do you run a small business? Was your first job at a small business? Maybe one day you hope to start your own? Let’s hear it!

​​Why We Believe in National Small Business Week

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