As more retail purchases move to small-screen devices (tablets, smartphones and wearables), simple and friction-free payment is paramount. Consumers faced with a clunky, complicated checkout process on a small screen will abandon their carts, depressing sales and destroying the goodwill that has bene build up during the shopping process.

There’s an urgent need to pay attention to small-screen payment processes. Mobile devices are becoming globally ubiquitous: According to Forrester, 4.9 billion individuals use mobile phones worldwide, and nearly half (49.8%) are smartphone subscribers. These devices are increasingly being used for shopping: nearly half (47%) of global consumers who shop with consumer goods retailers use their mobile phone or tablet device when making a purchase, according to Accenture Strategy’s Global Consumer Pulse Research, a February 2017 survey of more than 25,000 consumers in 33 countries.

When mobile payments are streamlined, the results can be dramatic. When Pep Boys optimized the mobile site customer experience, results were impressive:

  • 30% rise in mobile traffic
  • 85% increase in its mobile conversion rate
  • 131% boost in mobile sales

“When people go to the mobile web, it’s often at that ‘moment of need,’” explained Brendan Miller, Principal Analyst, Forrester. Optimizing purchase processes for these highly motivated consumers can therefore yield impressive results.

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