No matter your industry, no matter your function, high turnover makes it difficult to operate your business. Turnover is often the bane of a company’s existence. And sometimes, that turnover can hold businesses back from switching to a new payments solution.

Of course, some sectors see turnover more than others. Think of areas like retail or restaurants—restaurants can see turnover around 73%, according to the National Restaurant Association, far higher than the private sector average of 46%. Estimates for the retail industry trail closely behind.

When turnover is that high, onboarding can become a major use of resources. That’s why, when you walk by restaurants, you so often see “Experienced Servers Wanted” instead of just “Now Hiring.” In these fast-paced industries, it’s hard to help new employees catch up.

Turnover and new tech
And that is often a big reason why these industries hesitate to adopt new payment solutions. Businesses in these industries think the benefits of these solutions aren’t large enough to justify potential complications.

If they have an adequate payment system now that they understand, they don’t want to retrain current employees—and they especially don’t want to risk making the onboarding process more difficult.

Why modern solutions focus on simplicity
But these days, there are plenty of advanced modern payment solutions that offer a turnkey implementation and simple user experience. Just because a solution can handle more tasks and offers more features doesn’t mean that it’s hard to learn and use.

In fact, many modern payment systems place a premium on intuitiveness and easy installation. From extensive support during onboarding to a straightforward interface, it’s crucial for today’s payment technology to allow for a quick changeover. That way, a business doesn’t miss out on any revenue, and both staff and customers alike remain happy.

Modern payments enables a laundry list of new capabilities, from pay at the table to personalization, but many restaurants and retailers hesitate to make the switch because they worry about disrupting daily operations. Payments will boost your bottom line, so if the only thing holding you back is ensuring a simple onboarding process, find a payments company that will support you every step of the way.

​​Why easy onboarding is crucial to switching payments

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