5 Ways to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Checkout Experience

When it comes to creating a personalized shopping experience, no detail is too small. A streamlined customer experience can build brand loyalty and boost recognition. Incorporating everything from rewards programs and sales associate training to well-designed websites and branded mobile apps, personalization has come a long way. If you’re committed to creating a seamless shopping experience from start to finish, it’s time to take personalization to the next level by incorporating your point of sale technology into the equation. 

Here are some tips for bringing a personal touch to your checkout experience:  

1. Find a POS that fits your business environment. 

Bringing personalization to your POS starts with a terminal that simplifies the transaction process. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your terminal has all of the features that make sense for your business. For example, your business may need tip adjustment functionality or signature capture capabilities. A terminal that is tailored to your transaction process can speed up and simplify the payment process and delight customers. 

2. Integrate loyalty and gift card programs. 

Gift cards and loyalty programs are integral to creating a personalized experience for shoppers. Using a checkout solution that integrates with gift card and loyalty programs kicks things up a level or two. An integrated POS allows businesses to glean key insights into the transactions conducted through these programs and even lets retailers design specific campaigns so customers receive a unique experience within a transaction. 

3. Make sure your POS mirrors the rest of your technology stack. 

Create a seamless experience for customers by ensuring that your POS is in-line with the look and functions of the rest of your business’ technology. Customizing your POS to look and feel like your website, mobile app and more keeps customers engaged and immersed in your store’s brand, whether they’re making online purchases or swiping a credit card at checkout. Using your POS’s splash screen as the conduit that links these experiences together could be as simple as adding logos or advertisements for your customers to view at checkout.

4. Offer flexible and cohesive payment options across all of your channels. 

For businesses looking to upgrade to an omnichannel approach, make sure that your payment options are flexible and cohesive across channels for a personalized and branded experience no matter where a purchase is made. For example, if you offer a mobile app, ensure that it’s capable of interacting with your POS. Mobile payments are gaining popularity and major players like Android Pay and Apple Pay are offering open APIs so companies can integrate payment systems directly into their apps. That way, customers can make payments without ever leaving your store’s branded app—a process that makes buying easier for everyone. 

5. Integrate personalized marketing campaigns. 

Finally, to truly take advantage of your POS’ capabilities, it’s a good idea to personalize your POS with timely marketing campaigns and information on sales and special offers. Relevant offers at the countertop can elevate the customer experience to transform a one-time sale into a devoted customer. Splash-screen advertising capabilities allow businesses to add branded images, offers and loyalty messages to their POS to connect with customers at the point of sale. If your terminal is enabled with cloud technology, you’ll even be able to update and customize this information remotely. 

What techniques do you use to create a personalized shopping experience for customers? Leave us a comment or send us a tweet @Cayan and let us know! 

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