As an independent sales agent in payments, your business model is much like a real estate or insurance agent who works remotely on behalf of a corporate brand. Generally, your day-to-day work is handled from a home or community-based office that functions much like other small business offices.

You spend the majority of your working hours finding and cultivating leads, submitting new customer applications, staying up on compliance requirements, and learning how to sell value added products. If you're lucky, the Independent Sales Organization, you represent hosts regular live trainings and also engages you in webinars about pricing, product releases, industry trends and regulatory changes.

Though many industry sales professionals easily find success, they will also be the first to say how critical it is to treat your payments sales career just as an entrepreneur would treat a business venture. "You are responsible for your own success and that success will depend on how invested you are in learning the industry and building a well-rounded portfolio," stated John Buchanan, Director of Third Party Sales. "Outside of choosing the right company, your level of investment is the biggest make-it-or-break-it factor you'll encounter in a payments career."

Learning is the key

The payments industry is also one of the most technical, sales-centric industries in play today. Therefore, payments industry agents must embrace a learning curve in order to assure every customer is presented with the latest technologies and the most progressive products. For some in the industry, this steep learning curve can become a hurdle, but the right company can help them achieve a fruitful career.

"I joined the Cayan Agent and ISO program because of their great reputation in the industry. I was brand new to the payments industry and it was a big learning curve for me, but Cayan's training and support teams were very helpful in getting me up to speed. Whenever I have a request or question, their team is available and provides me with a quick response," said Cayan agent Anders M.

We know the payments world is complicated, so we've turned experience and the input of hundreds of agents into a sales training program that works and is fostering success across our entire sales network. The program initially centers on pricing, which is one of the most difficult facets to master in the industry.

Agents attend a Pricing Crash Course hosted live every month and they also have access to a recurring interactive webinar hosted by our Account Manager, Adam Vetter, detailing cost comparisons in multiple real-life merchant on boarding scenarios. We also offer agents access to numerous on-demand pricing courses and additional resources.

Other live trainings include courses about finding quality prospects and using sales tips and techniques that work, as well as on-demand trainings covering everything from how to structure a sales pitch, to understanding buyers and building customer rapport, to pitching value-added services. Our online cost comparison tool is also used by agents to produce real-time pricing comps by account type and SIC code that can be printed to include in proposals.

Support, the Cayan way

Lastly, every agent is supported by account managers who guide them through the selling process and ensure they stay engaged in trainings throughout their career. These savvy managers also work closely with new agents to support them with analyzing statements, comparing costs, completing applications, and closing initial deals. An agent relationship manager is also assigned to work one-on-one with an agent after each application submittal to correct errors and respond to questions from underwriting to facilitate swift approvals.

​​Calling All Sales-Preneurs

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