Cayan’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform Earns PA-DSS Certification

BOSTON, MA – November 12, 2015 – Cayan, The Payment Possibilities Company, announced today that its Genius® Customer Engagement Platform has received a certificate of compliance with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). This certification, awarded by Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors, confirms that Cayan’s Genius Platform® is a software vendor compliant with the prescribed standards for protecting cardholder data.
By proactively certifying the Genius® software application, Cayan has taken steps beyond what is required to offer their customers and independent software vendor (ISV) partners peace of mind. In addition to the certified software application, Cayan is also able to provide updates remotely to remain in compliance with standards via its cloud-based technology.
“At Cayan, we know from experience that security is the of top priority of the payments industry,” said Marc Castrechini, VP of Product Management at Cayan. “Our decision to undertake the PA-DSS certification of Genius® was voluntary, and though it was not demanded of us, it will ultimately benefit our ISV partners and customers who look to Genius® to provide flexible solutions that are secure and easily updated.”
The Genius platform supports EMV, near field communications-based mobile payments, QR/barcode payments and manually entered and swiped credit and debit transactions. 

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